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uova Partenopea Pelli srl was born in 2010. The ancient experience of a family devoted to leather working since the first years of 900th is to be found in it. The Siciliano Family's passion for the leather gloves working  is increased by three generations.

This passion has its roots in the ancient Neapolitan gloves production. And in the its wake the Siciliano Family must to be counted of law. The activities started with grandfather Giovanni in 1935 and then with his sons Gennaro and Antonio in 1970. With a careful company policy, the two brothers had caught a prominent position in all business operations in which they have distinguished. Firstly they started to supply the Napoli's workshops, small Italian shops and at the end the big distribuctions and brands. Their partenership has finished in  2008, year of Gennaro's death.

Antonio has continued own activity to date, together with his sons. They have had a big heredity from their father :from his moral values like loyalty and diligence, to particular technical capicity about leather gloves production . In this way they ensure the highest quality of final products.

Thanks to its costant application and engagement  for the leather production , now the Nuova Partenopea Pelli has a wide range of articles for different sectors :leather goods ,clothes and footwear.

Assistance and professionalism work together with passion and spirit of cooperation in all bussiness  segments:from management to productio and sale.This allows to project Nuova Partenopea Pelli srl strongly toward various and more and more prestigiouse international aims.

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