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Italian tannery, quality recognized in the world

30-05-2018 Hits:8 Tannery

Districts, quality and specialization made the Italian tannery worldwide leader. Figures showes, in fact, that our country by itself counts one fifth of the world production and moves more than a quarter of the fi...

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Nappa for gloves: color chart ss 2018

26-04-2018 Hits:46 Gloves

Here are new colors spring-summer 2018 Nappa gloves are the most glamour gadget of all the time. Versatile, sophisticated, essential in winter, they became a must even for spring-summer. For this reason ,speciali...

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Wholesale trade of quality leather

20-06-2016 Hits:1245 News

Quality leather Glove leather, soft lamb skins for garment, shiny and suede leather for handbags and accessories, bold metallic effect leathers for footwear. These are the products of excellence of the Nuova Parte...

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Gloves leather for capacitive touch screens

20-06-2016 Hits:1166 Tannery

Since 2011 Nuova Partenopea Pelli produces gloves leather that allows to manufacture gloves capacitive touch screens. The unique formula of the company allows the injection of fluids with conductive power able to i...

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Leather production and sales for garnment

04-05-2016 Hits:1174 Tannery

Nuova Partenopea Pelli srl, leader in the sale of leather for glovewear, is a tannery also specialized in manufacture and sale of leather for garment, soft lambskin, suede and printed leather or worked with laser t...

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Leather World Middle Est, Dubai : 26-28 April

02-05-2016 Hits:1099 News

On 26-28 April 2016 in Dubai will be held the largest global meeting of the chain Skin in the Middle East. A market, in the region of the Gulf, which is worth 6 billion dollars , that is preparing to present i...

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Quality leather sales warranty

22-03-2016 Hits:1132 Tannery

Quality leather sales warrantySoft lamb leather for garments and gloves, leather worked by hammering and bright suede leather for handbags and leather accessories , gritty leathers worked with metallic effect for p...

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22-03-2016 Hits:1108 News

Positive results for the February 2016 theMICAM`s edition, the internetional exhibition of footwear that ends today in Milan (Rho Fiera) the event number 81 with 32,703 visitors, half of them foreigners. Thery were...

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Leather production and quality

15-03-2016 Hits:1236 News

Leader in leather gloves production, Nuova Partenopea Pelli srl produces leather even for bags, shoes, accessories and garment, was born in 2010 from centenary experience of a family able to tanning since the early...

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Cuir a Paris / Premìere Vision Leather 2015

12-03-2015 Hits:1560 News

  It cames again the sector appointment with Paris,leather for Spring/Summer 2016 collection ''parades''to Premiere Vision Leather 10-12 February, name that replace ''Cuir a Paris''. Cuir a Paris, in fact, a...

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Shoes : Different leather for footwear.

12-03-2015 Hits:1447 Gloves

Leather for shoes, which and how choose. It seems a simple operation, choosing the leather for shoes, but the authorized staff are always looking for skins with specific characteristic for the functions that they ...

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04-08-2014 Hits:3329 News

Yet another Italian success that had by ''Pitti'' reached to eighty-sixth edition, an event that confirms to be more international and now that arouses more curiosity than the men's collections in Milan. Pitti is ...

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04-08-2014 Hits:1858 News

The men's collection in Milan proved to be sophisticated and attentive to high technology applied to fabrics and to interesting and incisive accessories available in different outfits. We can't imagine that behind...

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09-07-2014 Hits:2114 Tannery

With this article begins a series of posts dedicated to the tanning world, but especially to the tannery becuase, as always we say in a company, tanning industry as too many define it is a productive ecosystem ri...

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26-06-2014 Hits:1809 Gloves

  We represent a new post to the discovery of leather goods made by Nuova Partenopea Pelli s.r.l and as always we spend a few questions to Marco Siciliano, product manager and descendant of the family,with wh...

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Gloves and music: a combination that captivates

27-05-2014 Hits:1773 Gloves

Cross­cutting,multi­faceted,sophisticated and timeless gloves prove to be a classic of the wardrobe, the undisputed reference for a refined style and not only. Over the years they have become especially a symbol. F...

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Suede for clothing, leather goods and footwear.

20-05-2014 Hits:1917 Gloves

New items in Nuova Partenopea Pelli are often unknown, the result of experiences and needs of the custumer or the result of experiments that the creaative company genius is able to offer. Many of the classic articl...

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Past and future together at fashion access in Hong Kong

07-05-2014 Hits:1932 News

Another unmissable event for those involved in the tanning sector took place in Hong Kong from March 31 important event for the geographical position where is held, considered strategic in the Asiatic leather mar...

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Milan Design Week: experimenting with leather

18-04-2014 Hits:1976 News

The watchword during the Milan Furniture Week is DESIGN. There's nothing more scope to show off an accessory that is reminescent of works of art, even if it is made of skin, to evoke our great artisan tradition. Th...

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Sparkling mood for next spring and summer at Lineapelle

10-04-2014 Hits:1858 News

Lineapelle is one of the most famous events in the international scene, the exhibition brings together more than a thousand exhibitors and the most important brands in fashion industry. Lately, the event dedicate...

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