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Nuova Partenopea Pelli srl offers a wide range of sheepskins, and goatskins, pickled, wetblue, crust and finished leathers. We make leathers for glovewear, footwear,leatherwear and clothing, using sheep and goat leathers. We can boast for our articles the same quality, the same price and continuity for commitments. Our selling optic doesn't miss the attenction for the articles with competitive prices on the market.The leather's quality is followed by our staff from the beginning ,i.e from raw lather to came to the end of the production , also thanks to the help of quilified and internal and external experts.

The Nuova partenopea pelli srl offers a wide sample of different colour and articles, for particular applications, like:

  • leather for "touch screen" gloves;
  • sued "double face", glovewear,footwear,leatherwear and clothing;
  • waterproof;
  • iridescenza.

Also we make ad hoc products, as requested from custumers, ensuring the exlusivity of the finished products. Concluding, our products answer all ecotoxicological and technical requirements as listed in the product information tables.

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